Greg's XML Editor (minor fixes)

Greg's XML Editor (minor fixes)

Looking for a decent free XML Editor, I stumbled upon Greg’s XML Editor. A nice, lightweight, free XML Editor that seems rather nice for the application I have.
It has, though, some minor faults, like the source does not compile („text_replace.png“ missing), and also the built application has a problem with always displaying 2 nodes (on the left side) for every file added, adding yet another node each time you work in the tree on the left.

So I fixed those (really minor) issues, included Rix’s patch for schemas.

Still, 99.5% of the work was done by Greg, with most of the rest probably done by Rix.

The fixes I provide are:

  • Rix’s patch for properly using schemas with a target namespace
  • providing a text_replace.png file (which was missing and, since I am so proud of my Gimp-artwork, I included it in the menu as well)
  • updating UpdateChildViews in MasterViews.cs, removing the (unnecessary?) this.AddTreeNode(document) and the enclosing foreach loop – now nodes in the left area are no longer duplicated
  • providing support for Deutsche Umlaute (like ö, ü, ä) and ß – hope it didn’t break anything else, anyhow, this is easy to change: it is in file DocumentService.cs, I added System.Text.Encoding.Default to the Load method

Also, I have not updated the about box or anything. It seems like there haven’t been any updates to the project as of recently, so submitting my changes seems not to make too much sense, that is why I post them here. Also note the GPL under which the code was originally published.

It was pretty quick work (only used the editor for a very short while) but I suppose others might face the same problems.


Find the original code from Greg here on Codeplex

4 thoughts on “Greg's XML Editor (minor fixes)

  1. Hi there,

    I had a look at the ICSharpCode.TextEditor control referenced in the project and discovered that it uses an older version. Would you be thinking of updating the solution with the newer version and including intellisense in it as well?

  2. Hi,

    Any chance you can update the XML Editor solution for the following:

    1. Visual Studio 2010
    2. Latest ICSharpCode.TextEditor control and include intellisense (as Jonathan mentioned above)

    I would really appreciate it.


  3. Hey Don!

    (Took me a long time to think about this. 😉 )

    1. Update to VS2010 should be more than easy: simply open the solution with VS2010, it will auto-convert. Did you try and run into any trouble?
    2. I don’t really have any plans for that. Right now.

    Then again.. writing this right now, I thought it might be fun. But.. asking Google for any combination of „ICSharpCode.TextEditor“ does not result in some „download source here“ together with a nice tutorial.

    If you provide that, I might have a look.

    (Keep in mind, I only did minor updates to Greg’s code – his is all the thinking.. and the inclusion of ICSharpCode.TextEditor.)

    Best wishes

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